Please welcome on Sunday, 21st July: ALL TRAPS ON EARTH

All Traps on Earth is a new Swedish prog band that will do the first ever live appearance at the Night or Prog Festival, 2019. Their first studio album, “A Drop of Light”, written by Johan Brand and Thomas Johnson (Änglagård), was released in late 2018 on AMS record. While the band was initially built for the studio, the overwhelming reception for “A Drop of Light” inspired the creation of a live band, including old friends from the Änglagård days – Erik Hammarström, Jonas Endgegård, Linus Kåse, and Daniel Borgegård Älgå.

The music of All Traps on Earth is deeply rooted in the progressive movement of the late 60s early 70s. It is powerful, full of the chaotic, the symphonic, the enchanting and the fragile. The landscapes are varied through instrumentations that includes wind instruments like the flute, saxophones of all sizes, clarinets, and walls of Mellotrons, alongside fuzz-guitar, Rhodes, Hammond organs. But it is the duo on bass and drums that steals the show!

The band will perform tracks from their studio album A Drop Of Light – but maybe also something from Änglagård at the Loreley!

CHANDELIER confirmed!

Please welcome on Friday 19th July: CHANDELIER! Chandelier is a German Neo-Prog band, which released three critically acclaimed albums on InsideOut Music in the 90ies, before calling it a day by the end of the last century. Fast forward 20 years: The albums are now being re-released, and were remastered by Grobschnitt legend Eroc.
Pure (1990) and Facing Gravity (1992) have already been reissued last year and Timecode (1997) will follow soon. These re-releases have already raised some awareness and the band decided to take things a bit further:

After 25 years, CHANDELIER will be back on stage for one night only, performing material from the three albums that placed them at the forefront of the German prog scene in the early 90ies. This exclusive reunion concert will feature four members of the original line-up – which Progressive Rock Files called «one of Europe’s most accomplished neo-progressive rock bands» and the show will center around their album Facing Gravity, featured in Eclipsed Magazine’s list of Top 40 German Prog albums.

We are thrilled that CHANDELIER will be part of the Night Of The Prog Experience 2019 and be prepared to hear and see a one-off show that you won’t see elsewhere! So please welcome: CHANDELIER

OVERHEAD confirmed!

Please welcome on Saturday 20th July: OVERHEAD! Overhead is a Progressive Rock band from Finland with a recognisable and unique sound. The band has just recently released their long awaited fifth studio album titled “Haydenspark”! Now reaching the band’s 20-year mark in 2019, Overhead are still going strong and sounding better than ever with the new album Haydenspark! On the new album Overhead’s sound entwines with exiting new twists and turns. The music is as diverse and intense as ever with catchy hooks galore.

ANATHEMA confirmed!

Anathema from Liverpool, UK and were formed back in the very early Nineties. The band has produced 11 albums so far. Their latest one, “The Optimist”, was released in 2017 and has received an astonishing feedback from both, fans and critics. After their wonderful performances in 2011 and 2014 and five years, welcome back on the rock: ANATHEMA!

The Windmill confirmed!

Please welcome on Sunday, 21st July, THE WINDMILL! They have been waiting patiently for a long long time to perform on the rock and now we are very happy to announce that THE WINDMILL will be performing on Sunday, 21st July, presenting new material from their critically acclaimed new album “Tribus”.

In Continuum confirmed!

We are very happy to announce that In Continuum will be performing on Friday, 19th July 2019, during the NIGHT OF THE PROG FESTIVAL! The live line up includes Dave Kerzner along with his fellow Sound of Contact band mate Matt Dorsey with the addition of Gabriel Agudo (Steve Rothery Band, ex-Bad Dreams) on vocals, Randy McStine (SOC, The Fringe) on guitar and Marco Minnemann (Steven Wilson) on drums with special guests.

DILEMMA confirmed!

We are very happy to announce that DILEMMA will be performing on Friday, 19th July 2019, during our NIGHT OF THE PROG FESTIVAL on the Loreley, Germany. 

Dutch/British melodic and progressive rock act DILEMMA disappeared from the public eye for years, until they came back with a brand new album “Random Act Of Liberation”. Their debut album, “Imbroccata”, was released way back in 1995. The only new member since their debut is Dec Burke, who joined the band for their new album after their original singer decided to leave the band. The band secretly decided to reset and start over while keep working under the same moniker. Now with a completely rewritten and newly recorded album, and with Dec Burke as their new front man, there’s no question left: DILEMMA is here to stay for the long run and ‘Random Acts Of Liberation’ paves the way for a whole new journey . DILEMMA recently toured with Sons Of Apollo during their European Tour.