NOTP 2024 – Sunday, 21 July: AMAROK confirmed!

AMAROK from Poland have more than 20 years of experience in the music scene. They have released six studio releases, of which Hunt, released in 2017, gave the band wide acclaim, not only in their home country, but also internationally.
In 2019, band leader Michal Wojtas teamed up with British choreographer James Wilton, resulting in Amarok’s fifth album, The Storm.

In 2021, Amarok stabilized its lineup by inviting Konrad Zielinski (drums) and multi-instrumentalist Kornel Poplawski. Amarok’s sixth album, Hero, was released in the fall of 2021. Hero is a collection of innovative, fresh-sounding and exceptionally spacious compositions, with an equally strong lyrical layer that asks very topical questions about our future. The atmosphere prevailing in the songs mesmerizes from the the first listening and prompts many more.

Extremely balanced and filled with Floydian nostalgia, the music takes listeners on a journey into a world of sounds, conjured up by true musical shamans, as Michal and Marta Wojtas undoubtedly are.

Innovative techniques and combining the best elements of various musical genres are the hallmarks of the Warsaw-based Amarok band. Their lyrics are saturated with hidden meanings and messages, and their interesting musical themes enchant and attract both old and new fans.

Amarok put a slightly more predatory side on its latest single Hope Is. The track is based on a distinctive guitar sound and a characteristic drum rhythm, complemented by electronic additions that give the whole composition a modern twist. The message is based on the concept of hope understood as a force that shatters the safe but illusory order, giving a new direction to reality and the present. Hope as an almost cosmic force lends its energy, nourishes and saturates. It stimulates one to move forward, to live.

Hope Is is not a regular song, but rather a track with vocalizations from a distance, with lyrics sung by Kornel Poplawski and Marta Wojtas’ voice somewhat reminiscent of the sound from a space station. The single Hope Is will open Amarok’s next album, scheduled for release in spring 2024 and ready to be performed at the Final Night Of The Prog Festival 2024.

AMAROK Band line-up

Michał Wojtas: Guitar, Keyboards
Kornel Popławski: Vocals, Bass
Marta Wojtas: Vocals
Konrad Zieliński: Drums

AMAROK will be performing during the Final Night Of The Prog Festival 2024 on the Loreley on Sunday, 21 July 2024!

Tickets for the Final Night Of The Prog Festival 2024 are available in the WiV Ticket Shop


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