NOTP 2020 postponed

The ongoing Corona crisis also affects our Night Of The Prog Festival 2020. We regret to inform you that we have no choice (due to decisions made by our government) but to postpone this year’s festival to 2021 (16th – 18th July). We will be back shortly with more information about ticket issues etc. Please be patient until next week!

NOTP 2020 – Sunday, 19th July: PFM confirmed!

Premiata Forneria Marconi (better known as PFM) are an Italian progressive rock band. The band was founded in 1970. They were one of the first Italian groups to enjoy international success and are up to date the most successfull Italian band, entering the Billboard Charts. In their early days, the group also recorded five albums with English lyrics between 1973 and 1977, which brought success in both, British and American charts. They also played at the popular Reading Festival in England and on a very popular national television program in the United States.


NOTP 2020 – Saturday, 18th July: JADIS confirmed!

JADIS are a band hailing from the south of England and were formed in the 80ies. They fall into the category Progressive Rock/ Neo Prog / Classic Rock, although they have their own distinctive sound comprising crunching guitar riffs, melodic leads and solos, dramatic  soundscapes, vocal harmonies as well as playing contrasting pastural acoustic pieces with flute, 12 string guitar and piano. 


NOTP 2020 – Saturday, 18th July: GABRIEL

Gabriel Agudo is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is associated with the progressive rock genre. Currently as a solo artist, he became known as former lead singer and one of the main songwriters in the band Bad Dreams. Gabriel is also one of the lead singers of the In Continuum Band (Dave Kerzner’s supergroup project), and also the lead singer of The Steve Rothery Band while touring in South America. 


NOTP 2020 – Saturday, 18th July: AYREON



AYREON is a progressive rock project by Dutch songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Ayreon’s albums contain complex storylines featuring a lot of different characters. Their concept albums are critically acclaimed and very popular among fans. The music brings together classic progressive rock instruments with more classical or folk instruments.  


NOTP 2020 – Saturday, 18th July: PENDRAGON

PENDRAGON are a neo-prog band formed in the UK in the late 70ies. The band had a few personnel changes, but their lineup has been more or less stable since he mid-eighties. Over the years, the band has built up an impressive fanbase, especially in Europe. Pendragon are probably best known for their “Masquerade Overture” album (1996) and have recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary with sold out European shows and a 5 disc commemorative book.