NOTP 2024 – Friday, 19 July: INHALO confirmed!

After years of working on their music with scene icons like Jochem Jacobs (Textures) and Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus), the Dutchmen Fons Herder (vocals), Roy Willems (guitar), Susana Raya (guitar) and Peter Cats (bas) and Pepijn Gros (Drums) have now teamed up with Construction Records for the release of their debut album.

Inhalo, the first signing on Construction Records, is an emerging band that is taking the prog scene by storm after the release of their debut album Sever in 2022. The album received the IO-Pages’ ‘Prog Award 2022′, Aardschok Magazine’s ‘Eremetaal’ and Heaven Magazine’s ‘Album Of The Week’ to name just some feats of arms.

Inhalo is no newcomer. They have gigged with Conception and Antimatter and played at the prestige Progpower Europe Festival last year. All of the band members have earned their stripes over the years playing tours all over the continent in bands such as A Liquid Landscape, Ivy’s Dream and The Heaven’s Devils, supporting bands like Karnivool, Riverside and Marillion.

With layered compositions that range from tranquil oases to swirling riffs Inhalo is as diverse as an alternative progressive rock band can be. A seamless blend of serene and ferocious elegantly held together by an emotional performance. Tension and release, like a ballet dancer gracefully tiptoeing on a volcanic caldera.

Their second release, Live At Wisseloord Studio, an impressive 10-inch featuring two acoustic songs from their debut recorded at the renowned studio and mixed by Forrester Savell, takes you on a musical journey. With a unique sound that blends various genres and influences, Inhalo creates harmonious melodies and enchanting rhythms that captivate your senses.
The recording sessions at the prestigious Wisseloord Studio have captured the true essence of Inhalo’s musical talent. Every chord, every note, and every lead- and backingvocal has been meticulously captured, resulting in an immersive listening experience.
Furthermore, the seasoned expertise of Forrester Savell can be heard in the mix of the record. His subtle adjustments ensure that every sound element on the 10-inch record sparkles and comes to life, including that of the grand piano and the sarangi used for this recording.

Inhalo will open the Final Night Of The Prog Festival on Friday, 19 July 2024.

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