The 42 Days of the Prog 2006-2024

Picture Book about the Festival History

The Final Night of the Prog Festival will take place on the Loreley in July 2024. This will mark the end of the biggest prog festival of our time and an entire era.

To mark the occasion, Empire Music is publishing an opulent photo art book that illustrates the entire history of the extraordinary festival with photo galleries on over 200 pages. At the end of the 17th and final festival this year, there will have been 188 acts, with 258 performances.

Not only the selected stars and headliners – the heart and soul of this unique festival has always been all the artists, and that is why the comprehensive book shows absolutely all the participants, from the hopeful newcomers under the hot midday sun to the superstars in the deep dark night. A photo is worth a thousand words, and here the photos alone speak…

Seven photographers accredited for Empire Magazine have documented all the performances for the magazine from the very beginning and are now sharing their best photos as a memento with the audience and those who stayed at home, giving everyone an impressive picture of the festival’s history. All of this year’s performances at the final festival in 2024 will of course also be professionally photographed again and the photos will be included in the book in their entirety.

The photo book is in A4 format with a sturdy coated hardcover, the 200+ photo pages with well over 1000 photos are printed on high-quality glossy paper. Due to the elaborate production, the book is published as a subscription (with prenumeration), a traditional old form of publication similar to modern crowdfunding.

Limited introductory price: 49€

The book is offered at a special introductory price up to and including 31 August 2024 as a binding and prepaid order, with which buyers enable the production of the photo book and receive three advantages and privileges in return:

  1. The introductory price of just €49 (from 1.9. the regular publisher’s price of €69 will apply) plus shipping
  2. Guaranteed delivery of the purchased copy for all pre-orders
  3. An entry in the list of all pre-orders on a thank you page in the book (voluntary consent, please switch on consent in the menu before the shopping basket)
    All pre-orders will be produced in autumn and delivered by the end of November 2024, after which all remaining copies will go on sale at the regular publisher’s price of €69 (plus shipping), “first come, first serve”.

Shipping costs:

Germany: Book 49€ + freight 8€ = 57€ total price (incl. VAT)
EU member states: Book 49€ + freight 16€ = 65€ total price (incl. VAT)
CH/NOR/UK: Book 49€ + freight 24€ = 73€ total price (local import/customs fees may apply)

Important notes:

The sale of the pre-order via WiV Entertainment is on behalf of Empire Music. All buyers will be contacted by Empire Publishing by email no later than 6 weeks after the purchase, who will then deliver the ordered books directly to the customers in November. The customer data of the order will be transmitted to the publisher, all data protection rights remain guaranteed.

Due to the status of both the subscription/prenumeration and the individualisation of the product (list of names), the right to exchange or return the delivered books is excluded. All buyer rights for the conclusion of this purchase contract itself and/or objective reasons for complaint after delivery (e.g. damage) are not restricted by this.

Due to the weight of approx. one kilo, shipping is generally done as an insured parcel.

The book can be pre-ordered at the WiV Shop here.