NOTP 2020 – Saturday, 18th July: JADIS confirmed!

JADIS are a band hailing from the south of England and were formed in the 80ies. They fall into the category Progressive Rock/ Neo Prog / Classic Rock, although they have their own distinctive sound comprising crunching guitar riffs, melodic leads and solos, dramatic  soundscapes, vocal harmonies as well as playing contrasting pastural acoustic pieces with flute, 12 string guitar and piano. 

Like many other band, Jadis also had some changes in their line-up. But now, original keyboard player Martin Orford (from the “More Than Meets the Eye”  and “Across The Water” times) is back with the band and they sound better than ever. 

Jadis have released no less than ten studio albums until today, and additionally two live albums and several collections.

JADIS will perform on Saturday, 18th July 2020


Gary Chandler – Guitar & Vocals
Stephen Christey – Drums
Martin Orford – Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Andy Marlow – Bass



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