NOTP 2020 – Saturday, 18th July: SENTRYTURN confirmed!

A progressive metal band, but at the same time radio friendly? Doesn’t exist in Germany? Now it does! Complex, energy-driven and catchy riffs, combined with a distinctive voice, that sings hooklines on progressive rhythms: 

That’s how SENTRYTURN have created a special album, which is also their first. Some of the musicians got to now each other during school days, but the final line-up came together in 2014. After finve years of experimenting and fiddling about, the band has now released the album “Upon A Mess” late last year. 

The combination of melancholy and catchy singing and a very different Djent sound makes this band different from others. The album offers unique guitar tuning, bombastic vocal arrangements and remarkable grooves with catchy harmonies. After an extensive year, the package is now complete: The new album was produced at mixberlin and the artwork matches the musis perfectly. There is also a music video and all that is waiting to be discovered by prog fans.

SENTRYTURN will be the opener on Saturday, 18th July 2020

Dominic Gröger (Vocals & Bass)
Siniša Hennig (Guitars)
Michael Richter (Guitars)
Matthias Schüßler (Guitars) 
Max Winkelmann (Drums).



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