Please welcome on Sunday, 21st July: All Traps on Earth is a new Swedish prog band that will do the first ever live appearance at the Night or Prog Festival, 2019. Their first studio album, “A Drop of Light”, written by Johan Brand and Thomas Johnson (Änglagård), was released in late 2018 on AMS record.

While the band was initially built for the studio, the overwhelming reception for “A Drop of Light” inspired the creation of a live band, including old friends from the Änglagård days – Erik Hammarström, Jonas Endgegård, Linus Kåse, and Daniel Borgegård Älgå.

The music of All Traps on Earth is deeply rooted in the progressive movement of the late 60s early 70s. It is powerful, full of the chaotic, the symphonic, the enchanting and the fragile. The landscapes are varied through instrumentations that includes wind instruments like the flute, saxophones of all sizes, clarinets, and walls of Mellotrons, alongside fuzz-guitar, Rhodes, Hammond organs. But it is the duo on bass and drums that steals the show!

The band will perform tracks from their studio album A Drop Of Light – but maybe also something from Änglagård at the Loreley!


Johan Brand – Bass, keyboards and vocals
Jonas Engdegård – Guitar and keyboards
Linus Kåse – Keyboards, sopran saxophone and vocals
Erik Hammarström – Drums, percussion, vocals
Daniel Borgegård Älgå – Saxophones, clarinets, flute and keyboards


ALL TRAPS ON EARTH - All Traps On Earth
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