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The festival comes closer - got your tickets sorted?
Take a look at our HOTEL & BUS-SHUTTLE service package.
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NIGHT OF THE PROG Festival 2019 - Loreley
The second trailer for this year's festival is now available. Enjoy and see you soon!
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CHANDELIER announce special guest Toni Moff Mollo (GROBSCHNITT) for their reunion show at NIGHT OF THE PROG 2019!
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Night Of The Prog 2019
Time table now available. Slight changes might still happen. Tix: @nickmasondrums @LazuliBand @gongplanet @anathemamusic @IQHQLive @overheadband @cruisetotheedge @ProgMagazineUK @BetreutProggen @TimBowness @RanestRane

NIGHT OF THE PROG 2019 Teaser:
LAZULI "Les courants ascendants" Live at Boerderij The Netherlands
Lazuli will perform on Saturday, 20 July @LazuliBand @BetreutProggen @ProgMagazineUK @progshine @cruisetotheedge @ProgRockDock

For everybody who understands German:
Frank Grabowski, der das diesjährige Festival-Design entworfen hat, war kürzlich bei TV Mittelrhein für ein Interview und gab Auskunft über Night Of The Prog. Vielen Dank, Frank! @BetreutProggen #notp2019

Check out the line-up and ticket options for the upcoming cruise in 2020 by our friends from Cruise To The Edge

This is our new promo video for the 2019 festival.
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All new - NOTP now has a new design. This is a first impression. More to come! Created by Frank Grabowski. Come join us this year. @Grabowski_Frank @BetreutProggen @ProgMagazineUK @ProgRockDotCom @progshine @cruisetotheedge @BeProgFestival #notp2019

Happy Easter everybody! Thanks for your interest and support. See you 19th-21st July 2019 on the Loreley! #Easter2019 @cruisetotheedge @ProgMagazineUK @BetreutProggen @ProgRockDotCom @WiVTours Photo by A. Moell