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Please remember, our Early Bird Sale for the Festival 2020 (17-19 July) will end today at 6pm CET. You can of course purchase tickets after 6pm, but then for a higher price. @BetreutProggen @progressivearea @CharismaProg

Check out this year‘s slideshow by Jaak Geebelen - his slideshows have become a nice tradition - thanks Jaak! @ProgMagazineUK @cruisetotheedge @BetreutProggen @TimBowness @anathemamusic @stevehillage #notp2019

Thank you everybody for a magical NOTP2019. We will show more photos soon, in the meantime make sure you get your NOTP2020 Early Bird Tickets. Only available here until 1st August, 6pm CET @cruisetotheedge @RockNewsTicker @ProgMagazineUK

A selection of photos from day 1 - Night Of The Prog 2019 #nightoftheprog #notp #notp2019 #loreley #festival #progressivemusic @RockNewsTicker @cruisetotheedge @BetreutProggen @ProgMagazineUK #tangerinedream #iq #chandelier #specialprovidence #dilemma


Night Of The Prog 2019 starts today! This is the schedule for the official signing sessions during the 2019 festival! @RockNewsTicker @cruisetotheedge @BetreutProggen


Early Bird Ticket Sale for 2020 started today! Early Bird Sale will end by 1st August 6pm CET. Tickets will be sent out in August.
@ProgMagazineUK @cruisetotheedge @BetreutProggen @RockNewsTicker

KARCIUS have a new official video here: The band will perform at Night Of The Prog 2019 on Saturday, 20th July. @cruisetotheedge @BetreutProggen @ProgRockDock @ProgMagazineUK

NIGHT OF THE PROG Festival 2019
Spotify Playlist available here
We encourage you to buy the stuff you like - in support of the artists.
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