NOTP 2023 – Sunday, 16 July: MAD FELLAZ confirmed!

Mad Fellaz is an eclectic band, formed in 2011 by Paolo Busatto, guitarist and primary composer of the band in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Initially inspired by the great artists of classic progressive-rock, the band has been able to renew itself with extreme versatility and creativity, both in instrumental and vocal music. The writing of Mad Fellaz is inspired by the great prog bands (King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes), and more recently winking at the new great artists of the music industry, without any genre limitation (Opeth,
Snarky Puppy, Screaming Headless Torsos, Vulfpeck).

The band consists of 8 musicians, and includes members who have studied, worked and recorded with such names as Chick Corea Elektric Band, Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Gary Meek, John Etheridge (Soft Machine), Zucchero, Stan Sargeant, Andrea Innesto (Vasco Rossi), Fabio Trentini (Guano Apes, Le Orme), William Dotto (Le Orme, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), Tolo Marton (Ian Paice), Michele Bon (Le Orme), Marco Iacampo, Erica Boschiero.

In over 10 years of activity, they have built a great reputation in the international progressive-rock environment and have released 4 studio albums so far. They have participated in some the most important Prog/Jazz Festivals in Italy and Europe, including ArtRock Festival (Reichenbach, DE), Ascona Jazz Festival (Ascona, CH), Porto Antico Prog Festival (Genoa, IT), 2Days Prog + 1 Festival (Veruno, IT), Progressivamente Free Fest (Rome, IT), sharing stages with the likes of Motorpsycho, RPWL, Procol Harum, The Watch, Lesoir. The stylistic evolution of the sound is evident, especially in the latest album Road to Planet Circus (February 2022, produced by Fabio Trentini), which marks a turning point for the band’s genre where elements of Jazz-rock, Fusion, Funk and Afrobeat now predominate, in compositions where each instrument is enhanced in its own timbral identity. The music of Mad Fellaz is a PROGression, a constantly evolving quest of new sounds that melts the boundaries between different musical styles and languages…
and confuses Spotify’s categories!

Band Line-Up
Paolo Busatto – guitar
Ruggero Burigo – guitar
Carlo Passuello – bass
Enrico Brunelli – keyboards
Rudy Zilio – flute/synth
Luca Brighi – vocals
Andrea Cecchetto – drums
Filippo Zonta – percussion

YouTube Channel

MAD FELLAZ  will perform on Sunday, 16 July 2023 during our Night Of The Prog Festival!

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Listen to Sips Of Confidence and Jokepot.

NOTP 2023 – Sunday, 16 July: OAK confirmed!

OAK are a progressive rock band from Oslo, Norway. The band was founded ten years ago in 2013. The four members of Oak have a diverse background ranging from classical piano to electronica, prog- and hard-rock, with references to the alternative scene – a combination which makes the distinctive and unique Oak sound. The band’s debut album Lighthouse was released in 2013 on their own label, and was later reissued on Apollon Records in 2016.

In 2018 their second album False Memory Archive was released on Karisma Records, to much praise from both the prog and alternative rock communities. Oak has since played concerts in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Sweden and Germany. Of their performance at the prestigious Night Of The Prog Festival in Germany in July 2019, leading Norwegian publication Blezt commented, “Oak played with fervor, power and conviction, and seemed like they had never done anything other than play for thousands of people.”

Their third album, The Quiet Rebellion of Compromise was released on Karisma Records in November 2022. With three critically acclaimed albums, live performances at Night of the Prog Festival, support for Marillion and gigs across the world, Oak is now in the final stages of recording their fourth album.

Band Line-Up:
Simen Valldal Johannessen: Vocals, keys
Øystein Sootholtet: Bass, keys
Sigbjørn Reiakvam: Drums, programming
Stephan Hvinden: Guitars

OAK Links

OAK  will perform on Sunday, 16 July 2023 during our Night Of The Prog Festival!

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in the WiV Ticket Shop!

Listen to Dreamless Sleep

NOTP 2023 – Saturday, 15 July: FUCHS confirmed!

In the past ten years, FUCHS, the project of multi-instrumentalist Hans-Jürgen Fuchs from Stuttgart, has developed into a constant on the German prog rock scene.

It all started back in spring 2010, when Hans-Jürgen Fuchs, who had released four albums together with his wife Ines in the 1990s and early 2000s, composed a number of original songs for a concept album about the escape of his ancestors from Silesia to West Germany. “I’ve always been a storyteller and simply had to tell this one,” explains Fuchs his motivation to record Leaving Home, which arrived at the stores in 2012. Even then the typical trademarks of his compositions were unmistakable: “I like big dynamics and different atmospheres, from very quiet to very loud, from slow to fast. In addition, I love interesting chord movements because you can use them to create fantastic sonic patterns. As a Genesis fan, Tony Banks is the master of chords to me.” All that and much more also features on Fuchs’s two subsequent offerings, The Unity Of Two (2014) and Station Songs (2018). For the subsequent concerts, a live line-up with experienced musicians from Stuttgart’s music scene and Fuchs on keyboards was soon established.

At the beginning of February 2020, Hans-Jürgen Fuchs performed the concert together with these musicians at the school where he works as a music teacher and for which he has already composed a dozen musicals that have also been performed by other schools all over Germany. The group played two sets at the sold-out assembly hall: the first four songs on One Lively Decade are from the beginning of the show, while numbers 5 to 9 are from part two, among them the 13:37-minute Here In My Void, which plays a special role in Fuchs’s compositional oeuvre, not only because it was performed live for the very first time: “The song raises the question which roads lead to happiness and how we can create something that allows us to go to sleep at night with a feeling of contentedness,” says Fuchs, who allowed his co-musicians even more room than usual during the recording of this song. “‘Here In My Void’ has an unusual amount of instrumental passages which allow every one of my musicians to perform a solo. Plus there’s a piano and synthesizer parts which sound like they could have been recorded by Nils Frahm. This number combines everything I like about music, and that includes, among other things, the many possibilities that longer songs offer.”

So are such extensive compositions a harbinger of Fuchs’s future? “Quite possibly,” predicts the project’s mastermind, “after all my colleagues make it easier for me all the time to arrange my material in a simple yet complex way because they’re all such outstanding musicians who infuse the songs with their own personalities. I feel that’s something you can hear on One Lively Decade, plus that almost physical joy of playing that lends a wonderful vibrancy to our songs.” No doubt about it: this is something we want more of!

Their new album will be called Too Much, Too Many – and is due to be released in time for the Night Of The Prog on 14 July 2023.

Band Line-Up:
Hans-Jürgen Fuchs:
 akustische & elektrische Gitarren, Lapsteel, Keyboards, Gesang
Ines Fuchs: Keyboards, Gesang
Andy Bartzik: Gitarre
Florian Dittrich: Schlagzeug
Mike Köhler: Bass
Baggi Buchmann: Leadgesang
Michael Wasilewski: Leadgsang

FUCHS bei Tempus Fugit

FUCHS will be the second band to perform on Saturday, 15 July 2023 during our Night Of The Prog Festival! The Line-Up for Saturday is now complete – three more bands to be conformed for Sunday soon!

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Listen to Even If The Salary Is Low

NOTP 2023 – Saturday, 15 July: WISHBONE ASH confirmed!

50th Anniversary „Argus“ Show!

The band was formed in London in 1969, during the seething birth of the progressive rock scene. WISHBONE ASH took advantage of this musical environment and produced a distinctive brand of melodic rock. This is how they became one of the most influential guitar bands ever. Inspired equally by traditional British folk, American jazz and R&B, the band won adoration from fans and critical acclaim in equal measure. Energy and melody have made “The ASH” a standout act that is currently being discovered by a new generation of loyal rock fans. Over the years, the band has experimented with various musical genres, from folk, blues and jazz to pedal-to-the-metal rock and electronica.

Founding member and lead singer Andy Powell joins Mark Abrahams on twin lead guitars. Bassist Bob Skeat, a band member for 25 years, sets the rhythm together with Joe Crabtree, one of the best British drummers of the younger generation.


At the beginning of 2020, the album Coat Of Arms was released – just in time for the band’s 50th anniversary – and the tour for it could still be completed before the pandemic. Among 12 tracks, the two outstanding rock anthems Stand As One (incl. music video, see below) and Back In The Day form the basis of the album, which was enthusiastically received by critics and fans. It was their 25th studio album!

With their album Argus, however, WISHBONE ASH made music history in 1972 and eventually created their biggest commercial and artistic success. From the iconic album design by Storm Thorgerson, to the outstanding reviews and fan reactions, to the influence this album had and has in the music world, Argus can combine all the components of a great classic in rock history. As part of the show at the Loreley, they will play this classic (among other tracks from their catalogue) in full length.


WISHBONE ASH will perform on Saturday, 15 July 2023 during this year’s Night Of The Prog Festival!

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!

Listen to Stand As One from 2020:

NOTP 2023 – Saturday, 15 July: AEDON confirmed!

Somewhere between alternative and progressive, Aëdon manage the perfect mix of energy, lightness and melancholy. Surprising chord changes, three-part vocals and varied songs characterise their music.
The band was founded in 2015, and their EP Leaves Turning Red was released a year later. The band name Aëdon means “nightingale” and goes back to the tragic story of the goddess Aedon from Greek mythology.
As an act of Peter Bursch’s EURO ROCK project, Aëdon have already played several concerts in France and Holland. In addition to numerous gigs throughout Germany, festivals such as Essen Original, Hardtbeat Festival, Vaccuumfest and Taumzeit Festival are among the highlights.


AEDON are:
Simon Gatzka (Lead Vocal, Guitars)
Maximilian Krüger (Guitars, Backing Vocals)
Stephan Nabbefeld (Drums)
Alexander Dachwitz (Bass, Backing Vocals)

A happy coincidence brought the band to the attention of Bertram Engel and Peter Keller.
Bertram Engel is a drummer, composer and producer. He has been drumming in Udo Lindenberg’s Panikorchester since the 70s and is a permanent member of the Peter Maffay Band. There he met guitarist Peter Keller, who also belongs to the permanent Maffay ensemble. Peter Keller is an Echo Award winner, composer and producer of Peter Maffay, Laith-Al-Deen, a-ha, Karat and other top acts. Gripped by the 2021 Gentle Rain, Bertram Engel and Peter Keller teamed up as producers for the first time and invited Aedon to Hamburg’s Chefrock studios. In just a few days, three existing songs were perfected – AEDON are ready to conquer the music world in 2023.

AEDON themselves about their music:
“Mood is important to us. We want to make music that you can let yourself fall into, that you sink into and that won’t let go of you for days”.

AEDON Links:

Now AEDON will open the festival day at the Night Of The Prog Festival on Saturday 15 July 2023! So welcome from Germany: AEDON!

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!

Listen to AEDON’s single Raise Your Voice

NOTP 2023 – Friday, 14 July: ALEX HENRY FOSTER confirmed!

Alex Henry Foster, who attracted attention in Europe especially last year, is a Canadian singer and co-founder of the band Your Favorite Enemies, with whom he released four albums. The death of his father in 2016 marked a break in Foster’s life and he left the band.

Windows In The Sky, his first solo album, was released in 2018 and went straight into the Canadian Top 5. The album was made with the help of his old bandmates. Two years later, it was released worldwide, followed by the live album Standing Under Bright Lights in 2021, which was recorded for a CD/DVD release at a Montreal music festival.

For Foster, music has always been a refuge, a gateway to other worlds. His father’s Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath albums and his mother’s old rock’n’roll singles provided escape from the realities of growing up poor in Montreal. “That town does not treat poor people well,” he says. “I come from a difficult background, very blue collar. Music kept us together as a family. It was the most beautiful gift I could have received. My parents had nothing, and, in music, they gave me everything.”

Alex Henry Foster live (photo taken from his website)

His music unfolds a hypnotic effect, especially live – the tracks are sometimes improvised and extended to more than 20 minutes by the very well-rehearsed band. It seems as if there is a blind understanding among the band members, as if they are all very good friends with each other and as if they have already experienced a lot together. The audience is also integrated again and again and taken along by the charismatic frontman Foster. The tracks themselves often start quietly and increase into large, sometimes wall-of-sound thunderstorms of sound. Foster lets the listener share in his pain and despair and seems to process his past over and over again, almost like self-therapy. He grabs the audience with it because probably everyone has had to go through loss and grief in their own way. With this, Foster finds the connection and connects his audience to each other….
The intonation of Foster’s chanting sometimes reminds one of Anne Clark‘s great deeds of the 80s …

In Europe, Foster most recently performed as the opening act for the band The Pineapple Thief and impressed the audience there.

Alex Henry Foster and his band will perform on the Loreley on Friday, 14 July 2023.

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!

Alex Henry Foster Links:
Official website
YouTube Channel

NOTP 2023 – Sunday, 16 July: SOEN confirmed!


SOEN is a multinational progressive rock supergroup, who started to release music in 2010. The original lineup consisted of former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, Testament and Sadus bassist Steve Di Giorgio, Willowtree vocalist Joel Ekelof and guitaris Kim Platbarzdis. The first song “Fraccion” was released on the band’s official website in October 2010.
Funding member drummer Martin Lopez, describes Soen’s Music as “melodic, heavy and intricate”.
Soen have never shied away from exploration and analysis of self or society, both as musicians and expressionists. 2012’s “Cognitive” beat a firmly heavy, progressive metal path, before 2014’s “Tellurian” saw Soen star to to stride freely into their own power and unique visions. Their third offering, “Lykaia”, was a conceptual journey exploring earthier places. Soen’s fourth album “Lotus” came out in February 2019.
“Lotus” contains dissertations on modern society such as “Rival”, “Covenant” and “Martyrs” that are the fraught with poetic, finitely designed confusion and chaos.
Their latest album “Imperial” (2021) was mixed and mastered by Kane Churko, who has worked with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Bob Dylan. Eight crisp, sharp, and supremely constructed songs spanning frustration, reflection and hope, “Imperial” is the most fierce and dynamic release of Soen’s journey, which will engage the listener immediately and sustain long after this crazy time has passed, its rich details destined to make it a classic metal album of this era.

SOEN will perform at Night Of The Prog for the first time on Sunday, 16th July!

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!

SOEN Links:
Official website
YouTube Channel

NOTP 2023 – Sunday, 16 July: ESTHESIS confirmed!

ESTHESIS confirmed for Night Of The Prog 2023

Esthesis is a progressive rock band formed by Aurélien Goude (music, lyrics, keyboards, vocals, guitars, bass and other stuff). The current line up is composed of Aurélien Goude, Baptiste Desmares (lead guitar), Marc Anguill (bass) and Arnaud Nicolau (drums).

Esthesis music is characterized by many influences (british rock, film score, jazz, ambient, metal, electronic music…) and primarily based on emotion and ambiences. After a first sold out EP in 2019 (“Raising Hands”), Esthesis released their debut album in November 2020 (“The Awakening”). The album was received well and Esthesis won the Prog Magazine Reader’s Poll in December 2020 (“best unsigned band 2020”).

Their new album “Watching Worlds Collide” has been released in August 2022 on the independent label Misty Tones. 7 new songs, 7 encounters and stories between different worlds that intersect and collide, with varied atmospheres. From jazz to alternative rock, from electro to movie music, “Watching Worlds Collide” is radically different from “The Awakening” but just as cinematic and emotional.
The album is now available on Bandcamp in two CD editions and digital versions.

ESTHESIS will perform at Night Of The Prog for the first time on Sunday, 16th July

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!


Watch “Place Your Bets” on YouTube:


Official Website
ESTHESIS YouTube-Channel

ANUBIS confirmed

From Down Under to the River Rhine…

ANUBIS will hit the Loreley Stage for the first time on 15th of July 2018. The Progressive Rock band from Sydney, Australia will perform on 15th of July 2018.
The band has released four studio albums so far: ‘230503’ (2009), the critically acclaimed ‘A Tower of Silence’ (2011), ‘Hitchhiking to Byzantium’ (2014) and the fourth album, “The Second Hand”, has been released earlier in 2017. For more information about the band, visit their band camp website or the official website.

You can find the current lineup here.