NOTP 2024 – Friday, 19 Juli: SYLVAN confirmed!

Flashback: The first Night Of The Prog Festival took place in 2006 – at the time it lasted only one day. One of the bands who performed during the premiere festival was the band SYLVAN, who were to be guests at the Loreley a few more times after that. So they were there when we started the journey – and they will be there when it ends …

SYLVAN were founded 25 years ago (strictly speaking, the band has existed since 1991, but at that time still under the name Chamäleon). Of the three founding members, Volker Söhl and Matthias Harder are still part of the band today. SYLVAN became known to a wider audience in the prog scene in 2005, when they opened for Marillion.

Over the years, SYLVAN have shown quite a variety of styles – concept albums, which are something of a standard in prog, have been recorded by the band as well as albums with shorter, catchier songs. Up until 2015, the band released music regularly and were quite often part the line-up of the Night Of The Prog Festival. After that, it became quieter around the band before a new album, One To Zero, was released in 2021.

After their last show in 2019, they’re now entering the stage again, doing both a best-of-show and playing the highlights of their almost 25years long lasting history.

Band Line-Up:

Marco Glühmann: Vocals
Volker Söhl: Keyboards
Sebastian Harnack: Bass
Matthias Harder: Drums
Johnny Beck: Guitars

SYLVAN will perform on Friday, 19 July 2024 during the Night Of The Prog Festival on the Loreley!

Tickets for the Final Night Of The Prog Festival 2024 are available in the WiV Ticket Shop.

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