Final Night Of The Prog 2024

Dear friends of the Night of the Prog Festival,

yes, it’s true. The 17th Night Of The Prog Festival (19-21 July 2024) will also be our last. There is certainly no perfect time for such news and so we have decided to inform you directly and include the news in our new header image. We know that the festival on the Loreley means a lot to you – it’s special for us as well. But we wanted to let you know early on that next year is definitely the last chance to visit the festival on the Loreley again. We will do everything we can to make it a worthy and glorious farewell to the Loreley. And for all those who may still be busy planning their holidays etc., perhaps we can convince you to include the festival in your plans once again.

Many of you wonder and ask why. We understand that, of course. Well, it was not an easy decision. On the one hand, we are all not getting any younger and all things must end some day. But there were also a number of other factors that gradually made it more and more difficult for us to organize such a festival. In recent years, there have been a whole series of bad news with Brexit, the pandemic and then the Russian war against the Ukraine and the resulting economic consequences (especially inflation). Costs are rising in all areas, the Brexit made it considerably more difficult to book many bands, and the staff situation in the business is also far from returning to previous levels after two years of work ban. In addition, there are logistical challenges on the Loreley festival site and the whole area, which had caused further difficulties over the years and forced us to find quick and individual solutions more often. The Night Of The Prog is and remains a niche festival, but it also has to work according to economic principles. And this became more difficult from year to year.

We know you are saddened by the news. Next year it will be 20 years since we first discussed the idea of such a festival. Then in 2006 the first Night Of The Prog took place and since then it became a trademark in the business. Eventually, a 3-day festival established itself on one of the most beautiful festival grounds in the world. We think back to memorable performances, to the many up-and-coming bands for whom the festival was a huge step forward in their career, and we think ahead and look forward to a terrific last festival in 2024. We look forward to an enthusiastic audience and to saying goodbye, together with you, to this wonderful place.
It’s not over yet, but we want to thank you all for the great support over the last 17 years!

We will do everything we can to put together an attractive and varied line-up for what is sure to be a very special festival. We will start with the announcements shortly.

Winfried Völklein and his team at WiV / NOTP

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