• The box office is located just beside the main entrance.
  • Opening Hours: TBA
  • You can only pay cash. There is an ATM in Sankt Goarshausen, Rheinstraße 2.
  • TBA
  • The ferry between Sankt Goarshausen and Sankt Goar is operated every day until the end of the particular event,
    that means from Friday, July 13th through Sunday, July 15th. The time of the last tour will be announced in spring 2018.
  • Long story short: No worries you will get home.
  • It is not allowed to take food to festival site!
  • Non alcoholic beverages up to 0.5 liter a day can be taken to the festival site in an original closed TETRA-PAK container.
  • Beverages in glass containers or cans are prohibited, they will be repelled at the entrance.
  • There is plenty of parking space available.
  • Please obey the instructions of the car parking attendants.
  • The parking fee is included in the ticket price
  • Wheelchair user park their car on a designated parking lot.
  • Please show your handicapped ID and your ticket.
    Please follow the instructions of the car parking attendants.
  • Wheelchair user and their escorts contact the box office at the main entrance
  • The area for wheelchair users is behind the arena seats with great views.
  • It is prohibited to carry any kinds of arms like firearms, cut and thrust weapon, projectiles,
    pyrotechnical articles like firecrackers and sparklers on the camping and festival sites.
  • Violations will inflict an exclusion from the event and a revocation of the festival ticket.
  • Taking photographs with a standard digital camera is allowed for private use only.
  • Photographing for duplicating purposes is prohibited.