Night Of The Prog: Warm-Up Party (13 July 2023)

To kick off this year’s NIGHT OF THE PROG Festival, there will once again be a warm-up show at the Loreley Weinstübchen on Thursday, 13 July 2023. Performances by two bands are planned. One of them will be the Peter Gabriel tribute band Diggin’ Gabriel. We will announce a second band in the next few weeks.
Tickets cost 30 EUR. For those who bought an Early Bird ticket at WiV, the ticket price is 25 EUR.
Reservations can be made directly via Email to WiV ( The reserved tickets will then be available at the box office and will also be paid for there.

More about Diggin’ Gabriel:

There is also a Facebook event page.

NOTP 2023 – Saturday, 15 July: FRANCK CARDUCCI confirmed!

After his great performance at the Night Of The Prog 2017, Franck Carducci now returns to the Loreley on 15 July 2023!

His first album Oddity was full of promises for the start of an epic journey but it is on stage where Franck starts to carve his signature–costumes, make-up, psychedelic atmospheres, humour and sensuality. Yes, you think of Genesis, of Alice Cooper and David Bowie, of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd too.
But eventually, you will no longer think of anybody else.

Following the release of the highly anticipated album Torn Apart, featuring special guest Steve Hackett (Genesis), the Tearing the Tour Apart hit the road in Europe and Franck reinforced his show as one of the most irresistible in the rock scene. 2017 saw the release of a live DVD/BluRay of that tour, which ended on stage of the Night of the Prog festival, where Franck and his band won the audience by storm.

Franck Carducci, as Master of Ceremonies, leads his Rock ‘n Roll Circus where each of his players embodies a side of his music.
Who can explain how a 12 string guitar extra neck would be added to a bass guitar, how a powerful guitar riff would go with a hot belly dance, or a Mellotron solo would end up in a duel with a didgeridoo?
Who can also explain how Achilles, guitar and sword in hand, would kidnap a sensual Alice from her Wonderland?
However, let them pick you up and take you in the palm of their hands – you won’t want to leave until the very last note of the concert.
Your senses will not be given a second of rest while these characters take you to a place where dreams are kings, emotions are queens and musical genres are crossed with no borders.

September 2017 was the start of On The Road to Nowhere, where the band won the “Best Overseas Band”-award from UK magazine Classic-Rock Society.
After the release of his 3rd opus The Answer in November 2019, Franck hit the road again in 2021/2022 with his “Fantastic Squad” for The Answer Tour with a highlight supporting Sting in front of 15,000 people.
Immerse yourself into the spectacle and let yourself go as you embark on a journey into a colourful, flamboyant and fun musical universe, which is open and accessible to all.

Franck Carducci and his band The Fantastic Squad will perform on the Loreley on Saturday, 15 July 2023.

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!

Franck Carducci Links:
Official website
YouTube Channel

NOTP 2023 – Friday, 14 July: ALEX HENRY FOSTER confirmed!

Alex Henry Foster, who attracted attention in Europe especially last year, is a Canadian singer and co-founder of the band Your Favorite Enemies, with whom he released four albums. The death of his father in 2016 marked a break in Foster’s life and he left the band.

Windows In The Sky, his first solo album, was released in 2018 and went straight into the Canadian Top 5. The album was made with the help of his old bandmates. Two years later, it was released worldwide, followed by the live album Standing Under Bright Lights in 2021, which was recorded for a CD/DVD release at a Montreal music festival.

For Foster, music has always been a refuge, a gateway to other worlds. His father’s Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath albums and his mother’s old rock’n’roll singles provided escape from the realities of growing up poor in Montreal. “That town does not treat poor people well,” he says. “I come from a difficult background, very blue collar. Music kept us together as a family. It was the most beautiful gift I could have received. My parents had nothing, and, in music, they gave me everything.”

Alex Henry Foster live (photo taken from his website)

His music unfolds a hypnotic effect, especially live – the tracks are sometimes improvised and extended to more than 20 minutes by the very well-rehearsed band. It seems as if there is a blind understanding among the band members, as if they are all very good friends with each other and as if they have already experienced a lot together. The audience is also integrated again and again and taken along by the charismatic frontman Foster. The tracks themselves often start quietly and increase into large, sometimes wall-of-sound thunderstorms of sound. Foster lets the listener share in his pain and despair and seems to process his past over and over again, almost like self-therapy. He grabs the audience with it because probably everyone has had to go through loss and grief in their own way. With this, Foster finds the connection and connects his audience to each other….
The intonation of Foster’s chanting sometimes reminds one of Anne Clark‘s great deeds of the 80s …

In Europe, Foster most recently performed as the opening act for the band The Pineapple Thief and impressed the audience there.

Alex Henry Foster and his band will perform on the Loreley on Friday, 14 July 2023.

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!

Alex Henry Foster Links:
Official website
YouTube Channel

NOTP 2023 – Sunday, 16 July: SOEN confirmed!


SOEN is a multinational progressive rock supergroup, who started to release music in 2010. The original lineup consisted of former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, Testament and Sadus bassist Steve Di Giorgio, Willowtree vocalist Joel Ekelof and guitaris Kim Platbarzdis. The first song “Fraccion” was released on the band’s official website in October 2010.
Funding member drummer Martin Lopez, describes Soen’s Music as “melodic, heavy and intricate”.
Soen have never shied away from exploration and analysis of self or society, both as musicians and expressionists. 2012’s “Cognitive” beat a firmly heavy, progressive metal path, before 2014’s “Tellurian” saw Soen star to to stride freely into their own power and unique visions. Their third offering, “Lykaia”, was a conceptual journey exploring earthier places. Soen’s fourth album “Lotus” came out in February 2019.
“Lotus” contains dissertations on modern society such as “Rival”, “Covenant” and “Martyrs” that are the fraught with poetic, finitely designed confusion and chaos.
Their latest album “Imperial” (2021) was mixed and mastered by Kane Churko, who has worked with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Bob Dylan. Eight crisp, sharp, and supremely constructed songs spanning frustration, reflection and hope, “Imperial” is the most fierce and dynamic release of Soen’s journey, which will engage the listener immediately and sustain long after this crazy time has passed, its rich details destined to make it a classic metal album of this era.

SOEN will perform at Night Of The Prog for the first time on Sunday, 16th July!

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!

SOEN Links:
Official website
YouTube Channel

NOTP 2023 – Sunday, 16 July: ESTHESIS confirmed!

ESTHESIS confirmed for Night Of The Prog 2023

Esthesis is a progressive rock band formed by Aurélien Goude (music, lyrics, keyboards, vocals, guitars, bass and other stuff). The current line up is composed of Aurélien Goude, Baptiste Desmares (lead guitar), Marc Anguill (bass) and Arnaud Nicolau (drums).

Esthesis music is characterized by many influences (british rock, film score, jazz, ambient, metal, electronic music…) and primarily based on emotion and ambiences. After a first sold out EP in 2019 (“Raising Hands”), Esthesis released their debut album in November 2020 (“The Awakening”). The album was received well and Esthesis won the Prog Magazine Reader’s Poll in December 2020 (“best unsigned band 2020”).

Their new album “Watching Worlds Collide” has been released in August 2022 on the independent label Misty Tones. 7 new songs, 7 encounters and stories between different worlds that intersect and collide, with varied atmospheres. From jazz to alternative rock, from electro to movie music, “Watching Worlds Collide” is radically different from “The Awakening” but just as cinematic and emotional.
The album is now available on Bandcamp in two CD editions and digital versions.

ESTHESIS will perform at Night Of The Prog for the first time on Sunday, 16th July

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in our WiV Ticket Shop!


Watch “Place Your Bets” on YouTube:


Official Website
ESTHESIS YouTube-Channel


The public bus line 535 runs all day between the train station, ferry St. Goarshausen and Loreley.

In addition, a festival shuttle runs between the ferry and Loreley during peak times.

After the last act, buses drive from the Loreley to St. Goarshausen until the last visitors have left the event site. We greatly improved the shuttle service this year: Everyone will get a place in a timely manner!

More information on

Warm Up Shows

It’s official: we have the permission and also already 2 bands for the warm-up parties on July 20 and 21, 2022 in the courtyard of the Weinstübchen in St. Goarshausen. Admission is from 6 pm, it will end at 12 pm.  The entrance fee is 25 € per day and only payable in cash at the box office. Since we have limited capacity, we ask all who definitely want to attend to send a reservation e mail to

The Festival will happen in 2022

Dear friends of our NOTP Festival,

as you can see in the Header above and from our announcements on Facebook, the 15th edition of the  Festival (3.0) will take place this year from 22nd to 24th of July. We had some cancellations from Bands due to various reasons, but could luckily replaced them with pretty cool new Bands. 

Next to the regular organisational work, we are working on the 2 warm up partys on 20th and 21th of July, that will happen at the „Weinstübchen“ in St. Goarshausen. News will follow soon. 

If we have to take care of a corona hygienic concept, depends on the authorities. We will post them approx. 4 – 6 weeks prior to the event. We hope there are none, cause we celebrate in the  fresh air and occupy only 30% oft he capacitiy of 15.000 people.

NOTP XV moved to 2022

Dear friends of our Night Of The Prog Festival,

After some time we want to get in touch again to give you some updates about the current situation. And we are still very impressed and grateful how great your support has been and still is. We are still living in strange times. A few weeks ago we already announced that we would contact you in April / May with news about the festival.

At the beginning of the year we were optimistic that the NOTP festival could take place. Of course, we were already aware at that time that there could be no guarantees and that if the festival were to take place, there would be special conditions that we didn’t have in previous years. So in the last few weeks we checked everything for feasibility – this concerns the logistics, possible corona-related conditions (tests, more security, distance on the festival grounds etc), but also everything around the organisation of the actual performances of the bands themselves.

In the end, it became clear that the uncertainties would continue beyond May. However, countless decisions have to be made now and the bands also need to make further plans. Besides the corona-related rules such as possible quarantines, there is also the Brexit, which makes touring difficult for many bands these days, and of course the fact that it is an international festival with bands and fans from all over the world is also an issue. So with a heavy heart we decided to move the festival another time.

It will now take place between 22 and 24 July 2022 – of course at the well-known location in the Loreley Amphitheatre.

We are trying to have as many bands as possible from the 20/21 line-up back in 2022 and some bands have already confirmed their participation. We will announce the line up for 2022 again individually (band by band) in the next weeks and months.

STEVE HACKETT is already confirmed for Saturday, 23rd July 2022 (Headliner).

Once again, we would like to ask you not to return your tickets. The tickets you have already bought will of course remain valid. Should we be able to offer further NOTP activities beyond the three days in 2022, ticket holders will of course receive attractive conditions.

Of course you can also support us by buying our merchandise

We are aware that many people are disappointed – others will think “that was to be expected”. We are all in the same boat here and we are sure that together we will get through this lean period. We know what the festival means to you and we will not give it up.

NOTP 2020 postponed

The ongoing Corona crisis also affects our Night Of The Prog Festival 2020. We regret to inform you that we have no choice (due to decisions made by our government) but to postpone this year’s festival to 2021 (16th – 18th July). We will be back shortly with more information about ticket issues etc. Please be patient until next week!

NOTP 2020 – Sunday, 19th July: PFM confirmed!

Premiata Forneria Marconi (better known as PFM) are an Italian progressive rock band. The band was founded in 1970. They were one of the first Italian groups to enjoy international success and are up to date the most successfull Italian band, entering the Billboard Charts. In their early days, the group also recorded five albums with English lyrics between 1973 and 1977, which brought success in both, British and American charts. They also played at the popular Reading Festival in England and on a very popular national television program in the United States.