NOTP 2023 – Sunday, 16 July: KARFAGEN confirmed!

Karfagen are an Ukrainian art rock / progressive rock band, formed in 2006 by Antony Kalugin. Their music is mostly instrumental and combines elements of progressive rock, art rock and symphonic rock. Music and band concepts are mostly created by Antony Kalugin himself. The band has already released more than 10 albums and participated in several European progressive rock festivals. Karfagan do not have a standard line-up and they often have guests musicians from the Uraine and beyond. Their music shows an imaginative use of keyboards, guitars, classical and ethnic instruments. There are also connections and references to the music of the other Antony Kalugin projects — like Hoggwash and Sunchild. According to Antony, the music of Karfagen is created under the influence of Camel, Genesis, UK, Pink Floyd and The Flower Kings among other art rock bands.

Probably since 2016, the band became an interesting act to follow for prog music fans. They toured in Europe and also played several festivals and released highly acclaimed album such as Messages From Afar: First Contact (interesting side-note: the second part of this album was released by Antony’s other project Sunchild a little later) and in 2019 they released Echoes From Within Dragon Island. Since then, they have released albums every year: Birds Of Passage in 2020, Principles And Theory Of Spektra in 2021, Land Of Green And Gold in 2022 and Passage To The Forest Of Mysterious (2023). The albums are available via Bandcamp.

Their current line-up is:
Anton Kalugin:
keyboards, vocals
Mariya Panasenko: vocals
Olga Rostovska: backing vocal
Anton Barsukov: guitar
Kostiantyn Shepelenko: drums
Vladyslav Karbovskyi: bass guitar

YouTube Channel
Website of Antony Kalugin

KARFAGEN will perform on Sunday, 16 July 2023 during our Night Of The Prog Festival!

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in the WiV Ticket Shop!

Listen to The Invisible Line.

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