NOTP 2023 – Friday, 14 July: CYAN confirmed!

The history of CYAN goes back to the Eighties, when Robert “ROB” Reed composed the first tracks that would eventually become CYAN tracks a couple of years later.
CYAN were officially founded in the early Nineties by Rob Reed, prior to his involvement with Magenta. Reed released three albums with CYAN back then and the group was more or less laid to rest until Reed decided to resurrect the band with Pete Jones, Luke Machin and Dan Nelson a few years ago. Today, CYAN can be described as a progressive rock supergroup.

In 2021, CYAN released For King And Country, which consists of the above mentioned material written in the early days of the band and was rewritten and rearranged and recorded with the new line-up. Reed remembers: “Little did I know in 1983, sitting at the school piano writing these songs, that almost 40 years later those same songs would sound like they do on this album. I remember the original Cyan, made up of school mates, pooling our money, £35 to record them at a local 4 track studio with basic equipment. It’s been amazing to finally hear the songs at their full potential, with modern recording techniques and an amazing line up of players.”

The album was received well among fans and critics and many wondered why Reed held back that material for so long. He explains: “I’d held off releasing this album because I couldn’t find a vocalist to do it justice. Meeting Pete ticked that box, as soon as I heard him sing the first track. His voice just blends so good against Angharad Brinn, who I’d worked with on the Sanctuary solo albums. Having Luke play the guitar parts was just the icing on the cake. He is such a great player, with technique and feel. What a line up!”
Pete Jones is also a common name, having played for both, Camel and Tiger Moth Tales, which are also big names in the progressive rock scene. Pete Jones says about his involvement: “I had known about the reworking of For King And Country for a while, so it was a great thrill to be asked by Rob to work with him on the project, alongside the other amazing musicians such as Luke and Angharad. The songs are fantastic. They have a youthful and yet vintage quality to them, as well they might, given that they were first done in the early 90s. But with the benefit of Rob’s experience, they have been reworked into an album which I feel is right up there with the classics.”
With Luke Machin (The Tangent / Maschine) on guitar and Dan Nelson (Godsticks / Magenta) on bass, the new line-up was complete. Tim Robinson played drums on the record and Jiffy Griffith drums during their live shows.
Today, CYAN are finishing a new album, which will be released in time for the festival season.

CYAN Line-Up:
Rob Reed: Guitars, Keyboards
Dan Nelson: Bass
Peter Jones: Vocals
Luke Machin: Guitars
Jiffy” Griffith: Drums

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CYAN will perform on Friday, 14 July 2023 during our Night Of The Prog Festival!

Tickets for the Night Of The Prog Festival 2023 are available in the WiV Ticket Shop!

Listen to I Defy The Sun and The Scorerer.

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