Alex Henry Foster cancels all 2023 shows

The Night Of The Prog Festival is also affected

Alex Henry Foster has cancelled all planned concerts for 2023 due to ongoing health issues. Foster had to undergo a complicated surgery and has also reported about it on his Facebook page. Foster hoped to make a full recovery during spring and be able to do the summer festival shows. Unfortunately, this hope was not fulfilled.

Foster says: “It’s with profound sadness that I have to announce that, due to my still too fragile health condition and my specialists’ persistent disapproval, I had to take the dreadful decision to not only cancel my presence with the Long Shadows at festivals this summer — and along with it the joyful expectation I had of meeting you once again — but also to cancel the massive autumn European tour I was supposed to announce next week. I don’t need to tell you that it came out as a massive reality check for me, but even more so for my bandmates, crew members, numerous collaborators (…) who all had dedicatedly worked so hard to organize and set everything up for me to be back on the road in the coming months. The sole idea of having to make that cancellation/rescheduling call bore terrible sensations and left me emotionally stranded for quite a while. Letting people down is the worst of all feelings for me, especially as everyone has been so earnestly supportive and faithfully benevolent toward me. But regardless of my heartrending feelings, it’s nonetheless the best and most sensible decision I could make for the sake of my recovery at this point. Again, I want to thank you all for your kindness and understanding. It might be a much longer and more challenging journey than I initially expected and hoped for, but being uplifted by your indefectible support feeds the determination I need to envision and welcome every day as the precious gift it is for me to be alive and renewed.”

Alex Henry Foster was due to perform on Friday 14 July. We are of course also saddened by this development, but also we (of course) understand this decision and wish Alex a full and speedy recovery.

We will check whether Alex Henry Foster is an option again for the festival in 2024 and see if we can welcome him then with his fantastic band on the Loreley. However, a decision on this will be made in autumn at the earliest.

We have been busy recently and have filled the now vacant slot in the 2023 line-up, and a corresponding announcement will be made later this week.

This year’s Night Of The Prog Festival will take place from 14-16 July 2023 at the Loreley open-air amphitheatre near Sankt Goarshausen. Information about the line-up can be found here and tickets are available at this link.

Photo: Alex Henry Foster / Facebook-Page

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