NOTP 2023 – Friday, 14 July: AGUSA confirmed!

AGUSA are a progressive rock band from Malmö, Sweden. Since the start in 2013, AGUSA has been an important name in the Swedish psychedelic prog scene, also on the international stage.
With influences from Nordic and Latin American folk music, as well as with deep roots in space rock, kraut rock and jazz, AGUSA also have a traditional foundation, but interpreting it in their very own way and with a strong identity of their own. The music takes you back to the 70s but also to something new and unexplored. A live experience you won’t forget, with meditative soft parts as well as epic ecstasies and with the occasional visit to the darkness of hard rock. The band’s instruments are flute, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums, and all five musicians are based in Malmö, Sweden.

AGUSA from Sweden

Mikael Ödesjö plays guitar, Jenny Puertas the flute, Simon Ström is on bass, Nicolás Difonis plays drums and Roman Andrén Keyboards.
AGUSA have released four studio albums so far and their fifth album is scheduled for June this year. AGUSA have performed in many places; throughout Scandinavia, Roadburn in Holland, in Poland and several times in Greece and Italy together with names such as Os Mutantes, Dungen and Anekdoten, just to name a few.

Now AGUSA will take the stage at the Night Of The Prog Festival on Friday, 14 July 2023. So please welcome from Sweden: AGUSA!

AGUSA Links:
Bandcamp site
YouTube Channel

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Listen to “Uppenbarelser” (Revelations) from their last studio album “En Annan Värld” (Another World) from 2021: