NOTP 2020 – Friday, 17th July: SOULSPLITTER confirmed

„I can’t help but award this ambitious work of art with the highest rating. One can only guess what these talented artists have in store for us in the years to come. […] For now, all we can do is marvel at the sheer awesomeness of ‘Salutogenesis’.“ THE PROGSPACE – 5/5

SOULSPLITTER is a Germany-based music and arts collective founded by the musicians Fenix Gayed (drums), Simon Kramer (guitars), Daniel Gräupner (keys) and Felix Jacobs (bass).

The band started writing on their debut record SALUTOGENESIS in 2015, eager to melt their musical backgrounds and influences into a new and epic sound. Inspired by 1970s Progressive Rock as well as modern Metal sounds, Jazz harmonies and intricate classical compositions of Late Romanticism, their sound evokes reminiscences of STEVEN WILSON and DREAM THEATER as well as PINK FLOYD or EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER.

SALUTOGENESIS consists of eight songs which explore a coherent story, telling a tale of love and death, of meaning and awareness. For the album production, SOULSPLITTER acquired the support of over 50 individuals – vocalists, instrumentalists, producers and designers – to create a truly unique and timeless masterpiece that reaches beyond the possibilities of a mere band record.

During the show you can be excited for a 60-minute trip into the world of SALUTOGENESIS: take part in a journey through the depths of doubt and pain into ultimately realising one’s purpose! SOULSPLITTER’s stage performance aims to merge the realms of fantasy and reality in an effort to support everyone’s own SALUTOGENESIS – their very own path to health and success in life.

SOULSPLITTER will be the festival opener on Friday, 17th July 2020 


Fenix Gayed (Drums)
Simon Kramer (Guitars)
Daniel Gräupner (Keys)
Felix Jacobs (Bass)



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