NOTP 2020 – Friday, 17th July: PURE REASON REVOLUTION confirmed

Pure Reason Revolution (PRR) is a British progressive alternative rock group formed in 2003. They gained a lot of success with their first album “The Dark Third” in 2006. After 2 other albums the band however decide to split in 2011. After all these years the band leaders Jon Courtney and Chloë Alper decided it would be a great idea to get back together for a live show (in June 2019 at the Midsummer Prog festival in the Netherlands).

While working on this show it became clear that the creativity and chemistry was still there. The performance at the festival was spectacular. They comment: “The festival crowd reaction was incredible. We were touched that people had travelled from Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain, UK and many more countries. The tracks are exciting as ever to play. It’s encouraging to see the material still has relevance & connects.” Pure Reason Revolution is back! Currently the band are working on a brand new studio album, and have signed to InsideOutMusic for its release in 2020. Jon Courtney comments: “We’re currently working on material for the new album which returns to a more progressive sound & it’s nice to remind ourselves of the genesis of PRR” while Chloë adds: “it’s sounding spectacular.

The band will perform on Friday, 17th July 2020.



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