Please welcome our HEADLINER on Sunday, 21st July – The STEVE HILLAGE Band! We are very proud to announce that STEVE HILLAGE will perform a special set with The STEVE HILLAGE Band on sunday, 21st July 2019, at our NIGHT OF THE PROG FESTIVAL on the famous Loreley, Germany.

After 40 years, The STEVE HILLAGE Band will be back on stage, performing material from their first four albums. Steve Hillage will use GONG as his backing band. Their performance at Night Of The Prog will be the only Festival show they will do in Europe Mainland in 2019.

Steve Hillage told PROG Magazine / Loudersounds a few days ago: “I haven’t yet worked out what songs I am going to do. Some are obvious, and I will also look to feature some deep cuts from these albums. What I could also do is include one or two tracks from later albums like Open (79) and And Not Or (82); remember that last band tour was at the time when Open was released. My aim is to put together a stonking setlist that truly shines.”

The full article is available here:

The band will perform for the first time on the rock on Sunday, 21st July 2019 – so please welcome: The STEVE HILLAGE Band!


STEVE HILLAGE - "The Salmon Song" (live 1977)
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