OAK confirmed!

Please welcome on Sunday, 21st July – one of the “hottest” bands in Prog- and Artrock Music, from Norway: OAK’s core of Simen Valldal Johannessen on piano and vocals, Øystein Sootholtet on bass, keys and programming and Sigbjørn Reiakvam on drums, keys and programming all come from diverse backgrounds spanning from classical piano to electronica, prog- and hardrock, and includes references to the alternative scene as well as progressive rock. 

The core takes care of the writing, recording and production of Oaks music. The band is completed with Stephan Hvinden and Ole Michael Bjørndal on guitars and backing vocals.

Their debut album “Lighthouse” was released in 2012. OAK is back with their second album “False Memory Archive”, which, with its nods in the
direction of “Lighthouse”, make it a natural continuation of their debut.
Meticulously crafted, with an increased use of electronics and low bass frequencies, “False Memory Archive” is both darker and groovier than its predecessor, whilst still maintaining that familiar Oak sound, which is neither wholly progressive pop, nor progressive rock, but a happy amalgam of both.

OAK received some great reviews for their latest album, such as: “What a band..what an album.. they deserve to be huge! Every tune on this album is to die for…..to me it is one of the albums of the year!”

“It is not very often that I come across an album that is so utterly
perfect as Oak`s Lighthouse. It is even less often that such an album comes from a band that is all – but – completely unheard of (…) Oak`s music ranges from atmospheric and ethereal, to heavy and melodic. The album flows brilliantly, with the songs often gradually building from quieter moments, to heavier walls of sound.”

We are proud to have OAK on board next year. The band will perform for the first time on the rock on Sunday, 21st July 2019 – so please welcome: OAK!



OAK - Lost causes
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