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Please welcome on Saturday, 20th July: t. German multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and control freak Thomas Thielen is t. He has always been famous for his enigmatic existence in the studio – but now, after 19 years of claiming it was impossible to get t on stage, he’s doing it!

t has always been a musician. He was classically educated and during school time his main interest shifted to guitar playing. Today he admits to being a strictly under-average musician with quite a few instruments none of which he is capable of playing properly. t has always been interested in sound issues. His music has always been known for its combination or resonating melodies, avatgarde soundscaping and strangely natural sounding odd metres.

A new album is set for a 2019 release. The live-band consits of Thomas Thielen (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Jan Steiger (guitars), Dominik Hüttermann (keyboards), Yenz Strutz (bass) and Thomas Nussbaum (drums).t will perform for the first time on the rock on Saturday, 20th July 2019 – so please welcome: t!



Listen to t's all time favorite: The Irrelevant Lovesong
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