Tiger Moth Tales confirmed!

TIGER MOTH TALES – an English Progressive Rock solo project from multi-instrumentalist Pete Jones is confirmed for sunday. Pete lost his sight at an early age but quickly latched onto music as a huge part of his life. Being a huge fan of Genesis and Steve Hackett it is easy to see that Pete wears his influences on his sleeve and his debut album, “Cocoon” turned into a real gem, with hints of Big Big Train and FROST*. TIGER MOTH TALES’ performance will be a unique experience for all fans of prog music.

Having Pete Jones on stage with Camel on Saturday 14th already, we decided to show his and his band mates’ talent on 15th of July 2018 as well.

The Tiger Moth Tales live shows have been amazingly well received and Pete has got some amazing musicians to back him up in the form of the band ‘Red Bazar’.
Tiger Moth Tales are delighted and excited to come to Germany to perform you all!

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